Hello There!
I want to purchase audiophile car audio (high quality).
I am interested in 3-component acoustics of the SQ level + amplifier + head unit.
The car is a Volkswagen Amarok. (Pickup truck)
I listen to classical music, music of the 90s, 2000s and modern music at medium and high volume levels.
My Budget: from 15 thousands
Acoustic components can be complete, or composite from different lines, if this gives the desired sound quality.
The installation of midrange speakers and tweeters is supposed to be on the catwalks, for better orientation.
BTW i need some recommendations for Volkswagen Amarok

  1. The head unit (preferably with an optical output, but perhaps it is worth installing a separate external player to the processor?)
  2. The amplifier
  3. Subwoofer
  4. 3-component acoustics of the SQ level

I would be very grateful if your answer would be as detailed as possible (with justification) why you chose this option.