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Thread: 2024 Kick Off - Pulaski, VA - Feb 23rd / 24th

  1. 2024 Kick Off - Pulaski, VA - Feb 23rd / 24th

    Starting a thread for the Winter meet we have been having in Pulaski for the past couple years, date will be Feb 23rd / 24th at the same park as usual. The park itself is located 5 minutes from I-81, address 5100 Alexander Rd, Dublin, VA 24084. Plenty of hotels right off the interstate (several of us are staying at the Hampton Inn), the goal is to use the largest shelter again which has power (and a fireplace, going to try and find out if we can actually use it).

    I'll planning to head down Friday afternoon, in previous years we have had dinner at Als on First, however this has unfortunately closed, so at the moment dinner is a little up in the air, but thinking of trying Big Belly. For the Saturday at the park we have not really planned anything for lunch, but there are a handful of fast food type places within 5 minutes or so driving distance, those that are staying until Sunday typically head to dinner Saturday before it gets too late / dark.

    It being February in Virginia, it will be cold, hopefully not unbearably so, the last couple times while it has been cold the sun has been shining, but you will want warm clothes / gloves / hat etc. Despite the cold, this has always been a fun get together to kick off the year.

    If there ends up being snow (or a bunch of rain), then will cancel / reschedule.
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    Re: 2024 Kick Off - Pulaski, VA - Feb 23rd / 24th

    Quote Originally Posted by BigAl205 View Post
    That's a long drive from the UK...just ask Ian
    Sorry, we could not calculate driving directions from "Heathrow Airport" to "Pulaski, Virginia 24301"

    Damn it.
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