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Thread: Output problems. Been troubleshooting. Need advise where to go from here.

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    Output problems. Been troubleshooting. Need advise where to go from here.

    Morning junky garage lol.
    So was hopeing to get a little advise/direction pertaining to my sound system pooping out on me totally random like and all of a sudden.

    I have a 2012 liberty that I bought with a pretty descent stock system in it already. I wanted to add some more slump so I installed a single 12" kenwood kfc powered by a 1000w pioneer amp wired to a LOC wired to my driver side rear door speaker (seeing only installed 1 sub). This setup has worked and sounded good, or at least good enough for what I was wanting, for close to 2 yrs now. Bout two weeks ago I needed my trunk space for a job i was working and pulled my amp and sub out. Finished job over the coarse of the next couple of days. Got home and hooked everything back up the exact same way. One morning I went out to warm er up, took off and turned my factory deck on and to my dismay I had no bump boom bass. The weird thing is that all the door speakers, front and back, as well as the dash speakers are all playing as they should. My amp has power to it and the sub is connected in the box with full contact as is the wiring outside the box going into the boxes terminals. Also the sub is not blown, I've tested it. All my connections are good and solid from the sub to the rear driver side door panel, which is where my Loc ties into the rear speaker. I'm at a loss. I've tested just bout everything I can think of with a multimeter excluding behind the door panel...only because I figured it wldnt be there if all the speakers were outputting correctly right? I mean if there was a short there wldnt it cause ,at least , THAT speaker that the sub is tied into, to not play as well? Do Locs tend to go bad after time? This is my 1st one. Any help advise direction is appreciated! Thanks!

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    Re: Output problems. Been troubleshooting. Need advise where to go from here.

    If everything checks out, I’d try hooking up a new source (phone, laptop, etc.) with an aux-RCA cable. If it plays like that, it’s input. If it doesn’t, it’s possibly the amp.

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    Re: Output problems. Been troubleshooting. Need advise where to go from here.

    Ok thanks. So the only thing is, is the amp has power and is outputting voltage thru the speaker terminals. Wld It be something else with the amp that your thinkn? And when u say hook up phone tablet etc etc. . With rcas...r u meaning to my deck or? Sorry if it is obvious man. I'm just tryna understand what your advising me to do so I can attempt it correctly. Thanks n advance!

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    Re: Output problems. Been troubleshooting. Need advise where to go from here.

    I think what Euphonic is suggesting is to isolate the problem behavior by changing one thing at a time.

    You can remove the LOC from the system but you'll need to play *something* with the amplifier. Grab an aux-input cable so you can play some music from your phone and then you'll know for sure you're sending good signal to the amplifier.

    If you have sound, then that means the problem is upstream or before the input of the amplifier (maybe the LOC or related wiring).

    If you do not have sound while using the phone as a music source, then your problem is downstream or after the input of the amplifier. In this case, leave the phone attached since you know it works right, and change one more thing like a different speaker or a different amplifier or a different speaker cable etc. Eventually you'll get sound again, and then you'll know the problem lies with the last thing that you changed out.

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