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Thread: Sound cutting out on certain songs at particular volume ranges

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    Sound cutting out on certain songs at particular volume ranges

    I have a setup running everything off of my factory radio through an AmPro interface. My factory radio has the capability of playing all the way up to a max volume of 60...while I have no intention of ever testing that level of volume I do push it to around 47-50 depending on how the song was mixed/mastered/recorded. There are certain times that the music will begin to basically do what sounds like clipping at certain points and I back the volume down a click or 2 to compensate. I have a pretty good tune on it now as well as having gone through my ampro to make sure I did not have any switches in positions that they were not supposed to be in.

    Most people here have an idea of what my setup is so I won't rehash that too much but I will say that I have the big 3 done under hood with proper grounding practices. Everything is fused where it should be....grounds are done in the trunk off of the amps properly

    I know that the Helix has a clipping indicator but I have not seen it light up...nor have I seen anything like this show up on the amps....does anyone have any suggestions as to what could be happening?
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    Re: Sound cutting out on certain songs at particular volume ranges

    Is there a way for you to measure the battery voltage AT the amp(s) when the cutout occurs? I’m gonna take a S.W.A.G. and say you have an under voltage problem. Not all, but MOST, of the times I see this it’s related to voltage. In your case I would double check that a ground or + batt connection hasn’t vibrated loose. Double check to make sure the power wire is secure on BOTH sides of the fuse/circuit breaker.

    The other possibility is you possibly have a speaker going bad and it’s causing an impedance issue and causing it to shut down momentarily. If there’s a dead spot on the coil (possibly at the bottom of the coil) the amp may not see the impedance issue when it turns back on until you crank it and that dead spot gets into the magnetic gap.

    I could be way off but that’s where *I’d* start looking anyway.

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