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Thread: Hello car audio peeps!

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    Cool Hello car audio peeps!

    Hello, I found this website while browsing DIY mobile audio or whatever it’s called and wanted to come check out the community! My name is Greg and I live in Ohio. I have always considered myself to be an “audiophile”, however I am poor and have to remind myself of the law of diminishing returns. So I try to build the absolute best system I can within a reasonable budget and have made some pretty amazing sounding systems without taking out a 2nd mortgage! 😂 I just do my research and get what I think is going to best fit my needs for the best price. For example I have a 4 channel Dual brand amp I got from Walmart like 2 1/2 years ago that runs my 6.5” door speakers, best 4-channel amp I’ve ever owned under $400! Brand name isn’t the be all end all, except for when it is lol…I’m a huge JL Audio fan, I know a lot of people consider them to be overpriced but I just love the way they sound especially when paired with an appropriate JL amp. There's just something unique and awesome about their sound, idk maybe it’s just me. I’d rather buy a single entry-mid level JL 12” sub + amp + properly sized/tuned enclosure than a pair of any other similarly priced competitors. I aim more for SQ and a single 12” sub of almost any kind fills the low end up more than adequately…I’ll stop rambling now and start actually reading through some posts, See you all in the forums!! 😘


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    Re: Hello car audio peeps!

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