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Thread: Rear speaker open circuits

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    Rear speaker open circuits

    So my volkswagen golf has started showing open circuit errors on both my rear speakers (left + right) which have been installed for a while.

    They still work so not too fussed but just wondering what to check incase. When i clear the error codes they come back the next time I turn my car on. Don't think it's an issue with the actual drivers since both are getting it. They're both amped from a helix p6 which is connected via high level headunit. Wondering where to look if it's any shorts/wiring that is loose.


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    Re: Rear speaker open circuits

    The Helix stuff has pretty good circuitry on the high-level inputs that tricks the car's ECU into "seeing" the speaker's impedance (ADEP). If it was working fine for awhile and now it's stopped working, I would guess either a partial shorting of the wiring, or an issue with the P6 itself.

    A couple of things I'd try off the top of my head:

    -Very carefully check the wiring going into the connector for the P6's high level inputs. Maybe a loose strand is touching another terminal, causing a weird impedance reading to the car's ECU.

    -Completely remove power to the P6 (pull the fuse or terminal for the P6's power wire). Give it a minute, then reconnect. Taking away all power to the DSP portion of the amp and rebooting might clear a random glitch.

    *Edit: I'm not an expert on Helix stuff so let's see what others advise. Those were just a couple of simple ideas I had for general troubleshooting.
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