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Thread: cooling an iphone in a dash mount

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    cooling an iphone in a dash mount

    This forum is as good a place as any to ask about this topic.

    I've started taking HPDE and for fun am recording sessions using TrackAddict, with my iphone mounted to the dash. Problem is when temps start to rise (doesn't need to be more than about 85 deg ambient), the phone shuts down from the hot sun on the windshield plus using GPS+Bluetooth+Camera+Charging at once. I get 5-10 min of footage from a 20 minute session.

    So! I need either a case or other product I can strap on the phone that will act as a good enough heat sink to keep the phone from shutting down. I can cool it or rest it or both between sessions, just has to last ~ 30 minutes of high use. Including in 105 deg ambient. Even my gopro shuts down in that heat.

    I'm not worried about phone mounts, I can work around whatever is available. But now that Fry's is gone all that's available are random Made in China bits on Amazon which is a big gamble.

    I figured I'd ask the collective here if anyone has worked on cooling for an iPhone and what you tried, how well did it work. Would it work on a car dashboard?

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    Re: cooling an iphone in a dash mount

    I'm curious too!

    My cup holders are right in front of my air vents so I could cheat a little and turn the A/C on which directly cools the phone. I'm not sure if that's an option for you, to move the mount a little bit, but it's an idea that would work in my car anyways. I can also get the A/C to come out of the defroster vents at the windshield which might be close enough to the dash mount that it would make a difference?

    Could you make a tiny sun shade or something keep keep direct sunlight off it?
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    Re: cooling an iphone in a dash mount

    thought about the AC vent, it's a no-go. And the real issue is not the sun but general heavy usage (GPS+camera+charging+bluetooth) combined with ambient temp. Shade won't help. Needs some active cooling. And I really don't want to kludge this. Surely there is a cooling case or similar product that is out there besides rando amazon search?

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