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Those look awesome.

Good job following up not only with stuffing them, but following a perfect process to figure out which were worth a damn.
I learned that Acousta-Stuff is measurably superior to polyfill - after all these years just using polyfill because I could buy it local and "it's all just blown poly fibers anyway"
Are you sure you stuffed the same densities? That was interesting to see.
I did not make sure about the densities but did make sure the acousta stuff was 5lbs worth and the poly fil was 5lbs worth. The acoustic foam (3/4" sonic barrier) was just enough to cover the outside walls, which was the recommendation for its use. The acoustic foam was loosely placed against the walls as I didn't know if I was going to use it or not. Sticking it on might change some things, but it isn't like I was pushing the sub super hard to cause that stuff to move a bunch. Dats sends a pretty small single and then measuring these outside of my garage with neighbors kept volumes relatively low.