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Thread: A Question for Auto Locksmiths

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    A Question for Auto Locksmiths

    My car was broken into today. Well, technically it wasn't a break in because I leave my car unlocked almost all the time (my stupidity - and the irony of it is, I have recently gotten into locksport and should know better.) simply because I drive a 1999 toyota corolla VE and it tends to get ignored for newer or better cars. The only thing of value I have is my iphone cord and my bluetooth radio transmitter thing which were taken. My question comes from talking to the police officer. He said that mainly older model hondas (95-99) and some toyotas of the same age have been stolen a lot more lately. The way he described it was that the thieves basically have a copy of a key that works on both the door and the ignition. I didn't get into the details so I am not entirely sure what he meant by that. I know that usually someone can get into the door with some effort but it requires a lot more effort/time to get the car locksmith He said he has heard of probably 10 reports over the last month or two. Have you guys heard anything about this? What is it about these models that that make them more susceptible to break ins? Is there anything you cam do about it besides getting a shoe for your car or a steering wheel lock? The fact that someone can drive away with your car like that makes me more nervous than having it broken into.

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    Re: A Question for Auto Locksmiths

    Security of 1999 toyota corolla VE is outdated when compare the security with skills of modern thieves. Police officer told you right because most of the car thieves or also really good locksmiths. We have some locksmiths in Washington DC who can bypass the security of these cars in a minutes.

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