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Thread: Helix DSP.3 (Possibly) Simple Issues

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    Re: Helix DSP.3 (Possibly) Simple Issues

    Quote Originally Posted by BigAl205 View Post
    Just spitballing here...go to the DCM tab> ACO Features, and turn ADEP.3 SB Compatibility mode to "disabled". If that has no effect, report back how your signal management is setup

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    So my powering on and off was fixed with turning off the auto remote function via the internal switch. I am getting light pops when muted. It appears that my ADEP.3 SB compatibility mode was disabled. Is it possible that changing this to Enabled after 2 seconds (default) could help?


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    Re: Helix DSP.3 (Possibly) Simple Issues

    how is it muted, via the radio? via the director? via the software muting all outputs?

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