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Thread: Jl xd 600/6 v2

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    Jl xd 600/6 v2

    Manufacturer/Model Number:
    JL XD 600/6 V2

    Price & Shipping Terms:
    420$ shipped

    Condition of Each Item:
    Used - although in clean condition - JL sent me the missing bits!

    Image(s) of each Item: (Your image, not someone else's)
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    Re: Jl xd 600/6 v2

    I own two of these and they are rock solid amps...GLWTS!

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    Re: Jl xd 600/6 v2

    I also own one of these and they are great amps. Very powerful (system gets way louder than I can use), they run cool and have great sound quality. They are built like a tank as well. You do have to be careful with the speaker terminals - you need to make sure that the speaker wire (or ferrule if using those) goes ALL of the way into the terminal before tightening it or those little clips will fall out. You can carefully put them back on though or even go without them completely if need be.

    Great amps though.


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    Re: Jl xd 600/6 v2

    hahaha thanks, I remember bugging you about that damn issue. I ran it without the little clips and just, as you said, had the wire go in as far as possible before tightening it down.


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