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Thread: Vinyl Cutter Specifications and limitations.

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    Vinyl Cutter Specifications and limitations.

    I am currently using a GCC Expert 24 vinyl cutter.

    Cutting width is approximately 22'' Max.

    Tracking length is approximately 3 meters (10 feet)

    Cutting resolution is pretty good, but very small letters do not cut or weed (remove excess vinyl) well.
    I would recommend letter that are at least 1/4'' tall and a font that isn't excessively thin for both ease of weeding
    and durability when applied.

    Excessively sharp points cut and weed fine, but do not have enough surface area to stick well when applied.

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    Re: Vinyl Cutter Specifications and limitations.

    @Glenn are you happy with your vinyl cutter? Would you recommend it?
    Sorry for being off topic.

    I'm looking for a vinyl cutter get some styling jobs done.

    In the past few weeks I've been searching the net for the best solution and no luck
    so far. I've read way too much hype and not enough good info. I've looked at the Rolland GX series. It seems to be huge.

    I've found this blog. The Rolland GX Review looked quite decent.
    The only issue I've found was that it seemed too honest. Is it really that oldschool as the review suggests? Why don't they add wireless functions?

    Any pointers will be highly appreciated.

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