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Thread: Here we go.... back in the game..... looking for input

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    Re: Here we go.... back in the game..... looking for input

    I'm a single 10 inch guy...... my HT at home has 7 subwoofer drivers (actually two are passive).... I get the desire for deep and strong bass..... when I listen to music, the subs are usually too much for my taste..... I guess I'm a whimp....... now watch me come back here in a month and cry for dual 12".... lol

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    Re: Here we go.... back in the game..... looking for input

    Subscribed to see Miyagi upgrade to dual 12"s in a month!!

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    Re: Here we go.... back in the game..... looking for input

    Quote Originally Posted by Miyagi View Post
    Hello to all....

    After a 20 year span of NOT upgrading my car's sound.... enough is enough...

    I have a system planned for my Model Y. Getting Nick to do the install. We have pretty much decided on the gear....

    Brax Matrix ML1, ML3, ML8 up front.... Mosconi Pro 4/10 x 2 Mosconi Pro 1/10 x 1.... Audio Frog 10" sub.... stealth install... no A pillars..... rear fill from stock speakers.....

    My concern is whether the sub is too small to make a difference with the ML8 up front.

    Also, the Helix C Four's are looking for interesting as well.....

    I am looking for an SQ build.... one that would satisfy serious audiophiles... not looking for the typical car stereo sound, where the bass just overloads the cabin.....

    Whenever someone tries to show off their system to me, they pump the bass.... I want to hear the details.... background detail... purity... transparency..... depth, width, height..... NOT just thump, thump, thump!...

    Because of my likes, I'm wondering if the 6" Brax should be used instead of the 8". I would love to hear thoughts from those with real SQ systems....

    I have too much time between now and the tentative date of the install..... besides the anticipation, just extra research time, is driving me nuts....
    Holy shit you have bowel movements of gold bullion?

    Haha...nah all good man, f**king nice components you got listed...lucks to be you welcome to the forum and have at it bro

    6" Brax with sound deadening all day long just IMHO man...I don't think dudes who want 8's up front know what they are doing. Just IMHO and no offence to anyone!

    Again just my two cents man....a single 10 might be lacking. 'SQ' is touch to define...I built for SQ (with a single 12) but I find my system lacking 'boom'. I don't want to ruffle any feathers with guys that know heaps more than me; but i would be upping that sub. Possibly sub(s)...? Just thoughts bro, nice wheels and nice gear man! I don't know 'Nick' (probably because I come from a land downunder) but he seems to have a good rep with dudes on here so with that said you always going to be safe. Guys that carry good reps on these forum are always gold, just my IMHO.

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    Re: Here we go.... back in the game..... looking for input

    Welcome, glad we got to talk!

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    Re: Here we go.... back in the game..... looking for input

    Older thread...but hey OP, did you get your car back yet? Happy with the part selection? Too much bass, not enough?

    Personally, I like to have more bass than I need with the ability to turn it down to suit the music I'm listening to. Some tracks are recorded poorly and need a little oomph from healthy subs to sound as intended. Just. my .02.

    Lemans Blue ZO6. Pioneer HU, Focal and Dayton drivers, JL VXi, JL XD, TW5's...and on and on...

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