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Thread: New guy

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    New guy

    Cheers everybody, noob coming along to soak up some knowledge overhere.

    Slowly working my way to a nice daily setup.
    03 4runner
    Kenwood xp1700 in the fronts
    Kenwood kfc173 in the rear
    Ppi P900.4
    2 Ppi 2600.1
    2 Re Sxx 10" tuned to 35hz

    The sub box is a new upgrade actually, had a single Re decided to add another one.

    Now I have to decide if I strap the amps or gain match them.

    Be nice, kinda proud of myself by going the diy route

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    Re: New guy

    Welcome! And don't worry, lots of us DIY here.
    '18 VW Golf Sportwagen 4motion 6MT. Fiio M3 Pro to Helix DSP.3 (USB HEC). Amps: Alpine PDX-V9 (100 x 4 mids/tweets, 500 x 1 sub), Kenwood KAC-M3004 (bridged 150 x 2 midbasses). Mids: Wavecor WF152BD03 6" (Factory Door Locations). Tweets: ScanSpeak Illuminator D3004/6020-00 1" (Modded Factory A-Pillar Locations). Midbasses: Silver Flute W17RC38-4 6.5" in Ported Underseat Enclosures. Sub: Alpine SWS-10D4 10" in Underfloor Sealed Enclosure.

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    Re: New guy

    Quote Originally Posted by goatpanda View Post
    Welcome! And don't worry, lots of us DIY here.
    It's also the only path to becoming a pro!

    I personally like seeing DIY projects even more than pro builds, because it's so awesome seeing people learn... to personally achieve.


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