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Thread: Sound deadening questions

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    Re: Sound deadening questions

    I believe what this does show is that, like you have stated, CCF is kind of an afterthought for most. It actually matters or it is a waste of money. It needs to be as soft as possible, much like pillow stuffing (but that isn't good for car use and is why we do use CCF).

    Too stiff, and it gets to be pointless (or even worse) as you get to the point where you would have been better off just hanging the MLV by itself with no decoupler.

    It also shows a pretty wide range of CCF products from 970hz to 1550hz. No where near as good as some, but still a fairly wide range.

    This also is similar to CLD tile choice matters. Some are good, some aren't.

    MLV is the same as not many actually make this.

    3m ACOUSTIC thinsulate works well and I used this quite a bit in my truck, but it must be the acoustic thinsulate.
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    Re: Sound deadening questions

    I'll have to check out the acoustic thinsulate as well, do a little cost-compare... and add it to my noise-block compare to see if it compares to the HeatWave in that way as well.
    The SecondSkin Heatwave obviously is meant as a thermal insulator as well, and that also has me thinking: It adds an interesting other consideration.

    Being in Buffalo NY, it's already cold here, have to run the heat in the car, turn on the heated seats, etc. Heated seats alone help with not running the heat full-blast, but it's usually still a constant in the winter. It could be an extra benefit if either of these serves as a real thermal insulator, that would allow you to turn that interior fan down.

    I've even speculated on buying a bunch of heated seat kits, and installing those in the floor just below the carpet, to create an inexpensive electric radiant-heat, to also allow that benefit, but that's just another thought to the end on "reduce fan noise" with cold weather.

    Anyway - that's off topic with this particular thread, but I'm glad you mentioned it.

    What's your experience with the noise blocking aspect of it? I don't suppose you installed in stages, so that you might have actually had some time to drive around with just damping/thinsulate?

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    Re: Sound deadening questions

    why ccf? usually thin enough to fit between vibrating panels and decouple them. it's aftermarket, where automotive manufacturers haven't already accommodated for pillow/jute insulation/space.

    why ccf? closed cell foam is supposed to help in high-moisture environments. usual use is in the dry portions of the car, so this benefit is sorta moot.

    1/8" hmf (hydrophobic melamine foam) seems to be softer than ccf but also moisture-rejecting. i don't know how well it'd work in these decoupling cases. second-skin sells 1/2" thick as mega-zorb heat insulation, i'm sure others have it as well.

    buying blocks of magic eraser (hmf) and cutting it up into strategic spots might work as well to decouple things.

    i've lucked out in my car, i've got space behind panels for deadener. i just stick ccf to mlv/sheet-lead 100% and place it.

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