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Thread: Policing in America

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    Re: Policing in America


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    Re: Policing in America

    Virginia Police Chief Fired for Charging BLM Statue Vandals | Systemic Racism Grants Total Immunity

    Same video from the same content creator on alternate platform Bitchute:

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    Re: Policing in America

    Your tax dollars are funding the Portland Antifa & BLM mob | ‘Snack Bloc’ gets bags of Ronabucks

    Items referenced:

    EXCLUSIVE: Oregon Gave Antifa Your CARES Act CV Relief Tax Dollars During the Riots. Wait, It Gets Worse:

    Money printer goes brrrr:

    Banks made $525B in PPP loans. Now they're pushing Congress for regulatory relief.:

    Spike in Suspected Business Loan Fraud Reports Coincided with Paycheck Protection Program:

    U.S. banks sweat regulatory exposure from pandemic loans:

    SBA provides safe harbor for PPP loans under $2 million:

    L.A. County Used Federal C0V1D Relief Funds To ‘Recruit Celebrity Influencers’ For CV PR Campaign:

    Oregon's 'health equity grants':

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    Re: Policing in America

    Portland CHAZ Sequel Beats Back Attempted Police Shutdown | Ted Bends the Knee Again

    On BitChute:

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    Re: Policing in America

    ‘Say His Name’ | NFL Honors Drive-By Shooter Who Shot at Cop, Expects You to Believe It’s Racism

    On BitChute:

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    Re: Policing in America

    Because, what could possibly go wrong with defunding the police?

    Refunding the Police

    On BitChute:


    Minneapolis moves to defund

    200 officers leave

    Surge in crime in Minneapolis

    Really bad stuff

    Redo on defunding the police

    Millions spent hiring new officers
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    Re: Policing in America

    Pay the Murderers Not to Murder | The Genius Plan to End Baltimore’s Violent Crime

    On BitChute:

    Items referenced:
    Baltimore activist's idea to bring down murder rate, pay killers not to kill:

    To reverse murder rate, Baltimore embraces a controversial policing strategy:

    65 Percent Of Homicides Go Unsolved In Baltimore: Study:

    Baltimore criminals find a way around strict gun laws in Maryland:

    The Baltimore City Council eliminated $22 million from the police budget. What does that look like?:

    What you need to know about the Baltimore Police consent decree:

    Baltimore police stopped noticing crime after Freddie Gray's death. A wave of killings followed.:

    Gun laws in Maryland:

    Opinion: Maryland just closed a gun loophole. The state is safer for it.:

    Paying kids not to kill:

    SF's 2019 Homicide Rate Was Lowest in Nearly 60 Years: Report:

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    Re: Policing in America

    Overwhelming evidence gives the lie to the BLM narrative.

    Black Victims of Cops

    How many black people die in police custody in England and Wales?

    Black murder rate at highest since 2002

    Where are BLM?

    Almost half of murder victims - as well as suspects - were black despite the ethnic group accounting for just 13% of London's population.

    Where are BLM?

    FBI Crime statistics

    Live streamed double murder

    Mass Incarceration the whole pie

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