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Thread: Help me pick my "Do it once...Do it right" System equipment

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    Re: Help me pick my "Do it once...Do it right" System equipment

    Quote Originally Posted by geolemon View Post
    I'm still not clear on what this list of gear is specifically meant to achieve - specific personal goals, and all that...
    ...but I would bet even an IASCA judge wouldn't hear differences in the Audiocontrol vs Zapco amplification, and you aren't using the built-in processing since you are using a DSP (and I wouldn't hold Audiocontrol's processing at any disadvantage anyway, of course).

    If simply picking between those two, I'd use installation considerations and price to pick between the two.

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    OK, after considering all of your suggestions on this thread and counting the cost and my install parameters, I've chosen to go with version two of my choices:

    Kenwood Head Unit 9906xr
    Audiocontrol LC-6.1200
    Audio Control LC-1.1500
    Helix DSP.3 Processor
    Audiofrog 3 way GB set in custom speaker pods.
    Stereo Integrity SPL-12 subs (2) sealed

    Since I already owned both of the Audiocontrol amps in option one, I needed to sell the dsp amp to get the non-dsp unit. I actually made money and sold it in
    ONE day! So then I ordered the 6 channel non dsp amp. I agree with geolemon that there really would be little difference between the amps...not worth the size and financial impact.

    Now I am working on buying the Helix dsp.3. My final pickup will be the audiofrog components. Anyone have a deal on Helix?

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    Re: Help me pick my "Do it once...Do it right" System equipment

    Ordered the Helix DSP.3 from a fellow member. I was wondering, what setup are you all using when it comes to the Helix DSP? I am probably going to use the USB unit so I can plug in a digital player. I wsa thinking since the Bluetooth module only works with AptX and not AptXHD it wouldn't be wise to invest in that. I was thinking I'd get the wifi module and the usb module. I don't know for sure if I have room for the director. Will the director work with the USB and wifi connected?


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