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Thread: Soldering iron riddle:

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    Soldering iron riddle:

    Everywhere you look at tutorials, they got these people saying the pointy tips are crap for real, don't hold enough heat, can't get the heat in the right place, yadda yadda yadda...

    but when you go to buy a soldering iron, they never sell you one with the chisel tip.

    I mean, tons of soldering irons on eVay, and it looks like a pointy-tip conspiracy has been agreed upon, you can't get a proper chisel tip without dropping another 10 bucks so they can send you one special, as if it would kill them to include them with the iron.

    If I had a business mind, I'd find me an offshore supplier of these reasonably reliable irons that go for 10 bucks, and one of these quality brands that make the decent tips, buy both in bulk and bundle 'em, for 14.95.

    I'd sell 'em like hotcakes, forget about it..

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    Re: Soldering iron riddle:

    My go-to tip is the weller PTC7 but for small stuff I use the PTR series.

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    Re: Soldering iron riddle:

    that's a fat little tip going by the photos.

    I was looking at Ungar stuff and they interchange with the Weller. Then I looked at some site that was blowing out Ungar soldering supplies.

    I might make an order of replacement cord, replacement handle, replacement element, and a few tips, and try that route instead of investing in a used station or something.

    gonna try fixing a couple of motherboards, the caps look fine but when you push on 'em they sort of loosely click in and out, around the VRM.

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