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Thread: 2016 Porsche Macan S - stealth SQ build

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    Re: 2016 Porsche Macan S - stealth SQ build

    no, seriously!

    You have one arc that could be done with stacked MDF, and the other surfaces are flat. Only real tricky part is the slanted side with the stairstep at the bottom. But if you're good with your tablesaw and angle measure-er, should be GTG.

    I'd use 1/2" MDF and/or 1/2" baltic birch. Prolly baltic birch cause it's so small.

    Tho your job would be monumentally easier if you found a way to magically move that amp.....


    BTW, is the car 100% done minus the subwoofer? Maybe subwoofer and wiring cleanup?

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    Re: 2016 Porsche Macan S - stealth SQ build

    OK, new idea. I'm looking at this picture:

    Does your amp fit FLAT on the bottom left side of the pic, between the back of the trunk (tailgate) and that styrofoam piece?

    If so, you can build a box alot like mine:

    glass the entire bottom well, around the styrofoam, around the spare, down below where the battery is, all of it. In a shape that can be lifted straight up and out. The baffle is sunk down on the left side to make a platform for the amp. Sub to the right.

    It would be almost exactly like my build. Except for you, you'd have a couple QD's to manage amp power and signals since that whole thing would have to lift out to get at the battery. QD harness wrapped up on the right side between the sub/wheel/right styrofoam.

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