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What specifically makes the mini a better choice?
The 6X8 has more tuning ability, has the ability to import REW files which IMO is a large advantage over the 408 and the 6X8 can use biquad filters: https://www.minidsp.com/applications...ad-programming

The 6x8 has a microSD card slot that will load 4 different configurations which comes in handy when you want to compare four different tunes. the 6X8 wired remote will sequence between different configs., master volume and IMO another big plus over the 408, subwoofer volume control. The 6X8 has an Spdif input which can make for a 'headless' system (which is what I am doing on my install.) Might be a few more pluses for the 6X8...

I think that whatever genre of music one listens to and at whatever volume level it is always good to have more/better tuneability in the system.