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Thread: Resonix Review

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    Resonix Review

    Hey all,

    Sound Deadening review.

    If you are looking for an excellent performing product, that by far is the best I have ever used in 20+ years, take a look at Resonix. ResoNix Sound Solutions – Premium Automotive Sound Treatment Solutions

    As a DIYer / Competitor / SQ judge, I've always looked at the best bargain in the sound control dept. Well, after looking at samples and chatting with Nick Apicella who's the brains behinds the products, I was sold.

    Now, price. YES, they have a premium cost! However, the performance of the products I used this past weekend were an absolute breeze to work with and performance in my opinion Trump's the costs.

    CLD squares.

    One word. Wow.

    • The foil is so ridgid and the fact that there are no logo makes life easy for those with OCD.
    • Foil never tore under pressure even with a hard roller. That really impressed me!
    • One thing I would recommend is to acclimatize the CLD to 70 for atleast 24-48hours before use. I had the CLD squares in my cold garage for months and ended up making a warming box to speed up the acclimatize process.
    • Butyl is nice and thick and the adhesive is slightly forgiving but once pressure is applied, good luck removing it.
    • The backing paper never tore
    • I did have to use a heat gun in spots, but this is expected, given the product foil/butyl thicknesses.


    • Butyl was thick, ridgid and pliable
    • The backing paper was bit of a challenge and tore once in a while.

    5mm CCF(Close Cell Foam)

    This product was an absolute joy to work with. The sponge and memory retention was perfect.

    • Adhesive was probably the best I have ever used.
    • The Backing paper never tore and was easy to make shapes
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    Re: Resonix Review

    Glad you like it. We really tried to make a great product that tops everything else. I think we succeeded

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