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Hey I just noticed you said you were in south central VT? I am in southern vermont just below manchester and i have so may tomato plants and other things started from seeds in just about every bedroom in my house. Just rebuilt all my raised beds and if it would warm up a little here i would get them outside to plant. I will take some pictures when my wife wakes up.
I'm near Springfield.

Nice, it's amazing what can be accomplished with a few south-facing windows.

Last average frost date for this region is may 19, and I used to go by that, but I've learned that it's a bit cooler at my location. Last year, a frost on June 1 killed all the squash, pumpkin, melon and cucumber plants, and badly damaged 1/3 of the pepper plants. So, this year I plan to wait until June 1 or thereabouts and then see how the forecast looks for the coming week or two. Tomatoes seem heartier in that regard, so I'll probably start getting some of those in the ground in the last week of May, and maybe some of the larger pepper plants too, as I have quite a few more of both than I really need (71 tomato plants and 90 pepper plants). Due to past experience with insects and frost, I've found it's best to sow squash, pumpkin, melon and cucumber seeds directly into the garden, after all of the tomato and pepper seedlings have been transplanted.

Looking forward to seeing your pictures.