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Thread: Grinder's no-till vegetable garden

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    Re: Grinder's no-till vegetable garden

    Happy New Year!


    Seeds for 2021 garden have been ordered and are on the way. If you're thinking about a garden this year, right now is a good time to decide what you want to grow and order your seeds.

    I'm taking a break from ornamentals this year, to see how the ones started last year are going to do this year, and to focus my efforts on the vegetable garden, and to have more time for other priorities. To simplify the ordering process while minimizing shipping and handling costs, I ordered all of the seeds from just two seed companies, both of which have served me well in '19 and '20. Here are the items I'll be growing this year. Links are provided, in case anyone is interested:

    V = seeds leftover from previous year(s)

    $ = seeds ordered this year (may also have seeds leftover from previous year(s))

    $ - Basil – Genovese

    $ - Basil - Lime

    V – Bean, green, bush – Contender Bush

    $ - Bean, dry/green bush – Dragon Tongue Bush

    $ - Carrot – Scarlet Nantes

    $ - Carrot – New Kuroda

    V - Cucumber - Marketmore 76

    V - Melon, Cantaloupe – Tommy Apple

    $ - Melon, Sweet Passion

    V - Oregano - Greek

    $ - Pepper - California Wonder, sweet

    $ - Pepper - Craig’s Grande Jalapeno, Hot

    $ - Pepper - Cubanelle, sweet

    $ - PepperDoux D’Espagne or Spanish Mammoth Pepper, sweet

    $ - Pepper - Golden Calwonder, sweet

    $ - Pepper – King of the North, sweet

    $ - Pepper – Lipstick, sweet

    $ - Pepper - Marconi Red, sweet

    $ - Pepper - Nadapeno, sweet

    $ - Pepper - Purple Beauty, sweet

    $ - Pepper - Sweet Hungarian

    $ - Pumpkin – Winter Luxury Pie

    $ - Squash – Canada Crookneck

    $ - Squash - Waltham Butternut

    $ - Squash – Black Beauty Zucchini

    $ - Squash – Costata Romanesco Zucchini

    $ - Tomato – Amish Paste

    $ - Tomato – Black Cherry

    $ - Tomato – Pink Brandywine

    $ - Tomato – Raspberry Lyanna

    $ - Tomato – San Marzano Heirloom

    $ - Tomato – Sweetheart Cherry

    $ - Watermelon – Charleston Gray

    Also, two notable varieties were unfortunately unavailable from the two seed companies I ordered from. If I happen to find one or both of them locally, I will grow them as well:

    ? - Squash - Buttercup
    Buttercup squash (grown successfully in 2019 - and grown again in 2020, when striped cucumber beetles killed them all) was delicious, much like a nuttier version of butternut squash.

    ? - Tomato - Matt’s Wild Cherry
    Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes (gown in 2019) were wonderfully firm, sweet and juicy - unlike the comparatively mushy, bland and dry Chadwick Cherry tomatoes grown last year.

    While there are a number of additional vegetable seed varieties left over from previous year(s) that I haven't yet attempted to grow, and that I may attempt to grow this year, the one's listed above are the only ones I definitely plan to grow this year. Here are those additional varieties:

    V - Beet – Early Wonder

    V - Beet - Detroit Dark Red

    V - Bok Choi - Chinese Cabbage Chou Chinois

    V - Cabbage - Copenhagen Market

    V - Chard – Swiss Rainbow Mix

    V - Cucumber - Marketmore 76

    V - Daikon Radish - Diakon Minowase

    V - Kale - Siberian

    V - Kale - Red Russian

    V - Kale - Black

    V - Kohlrabi - Early Purple Vienna

    V - Lettuce - Black-Seeded Simpson

    V - Lettuce - Buttercrunch

    V - Lettuce - Rocky Top Mix

    V - Onion - Sweet Yellow Spanish

    V - Spinach - Gigante D’Inverno

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    Re: Grinder's no-till vegetable garden


    First 2021 seeds started:

    (6 cells) Greek Oregano

    (full 96 small cells on heat mat)
    (18 cells) California Wonder Pepper
    (12 cells) Craig’s Grande Jalapeno Pepper
    (6 cells) Cubanelle Pepper
    (18 cells) Golden Calwonder Pepper
    (9 cells) Hungarian Banana Pepper
    (12 cells) Purple Beauty Pepper
    (3 cells) Rainbow Blend Pepper
    (18 cells) Red Marconi Pepper

    Assuming reasonable germination success, future rounds of seed starting are scheduled for 03/14 (Lime and Genovese basil), 03/21 (slowish-starting Matts Wild Cherry Tomato), and 03/28 (all remaining tomato varieties).

    All other seed varieties (squash, melons, cucumbers, beans, etc.) will be direct-sown in the garden in late June and early July.
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    Re: Grinder's no-till vegetable garden

    Where did you get those seed containers with covers Grinder. I started mine this year two and currently they are in my warm attic because if my cat finds the fresh sprouts he will eat them. Those containers would keep that pesky feline out hopefully.
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    Re: Grinder's no-till vegetable garden

    Quote Originally Posted by JCsAudio View Post
    Where did you get those seed containers with covers Grinder. I started mine this year two and currently they are in my warm attic because if my cat finds the fresh sprouts he will eat them. Those containers would keep that pesky feline out hopefully.
    I bought them at Agway.

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    Re: Grinder's no-till vegetable garden

    First pepper sprouts ("01" Craig’s Grande Jalapeno) and "GO" Greek Oregano.

    More pepper sprouts.

    More pepper sprouts.

    Basil and Matt’s Cherry Tomato seeds started.



    Genovese Basil sprouts (08)

    I figured seven days was an optimistic timeframe to expect pepper seeds to sprout, particularly considering the majority of those seeds were leftover from 2019 (having bought seeds for 2020 and started some of both 2019 and 2020 pepper seeds last year, it turns out that I had plenty 2019 pepper seeds leftover for this year as well …and yet I ended up buying new 2021 pepper seeds for this year well. SMH …so now I’ve got plenty of pepper seeds for the next two or three years. In hindsight, apart from this year’s jalapenos, I shouldn’t have bought any pepper seeds this year …or last year).

    California Wonder Pepper (seeds leftover from 2019)
    Craig’s Grande Jalapeno Pepper (seeds fresh for 2021)
    Cubanelle Pepper (seeds leftover from 2019)
    Golden Calwonder Pepper (seeds leftover from 2019)
    Hungarian Banana Pepper (seeds leftover from 2019)
    Purple Beauty Pepper (seeds leftover from 2019)
    Rainbow Blend Pepper (seeds leftover from 2020)
    Red Marconi Pepper (seeds leftover from 2019)

    As the majority of the pepper seeds took longer to sprout than I had hoped and planned (7 – 12 days instead of just 7 days), I decided to start the basil on the 17th using the 48-per-tray cells instead of the 18-per-tray cells I had planned (which would have required the whole heating pad), allowing me to start the slowish-starting Matts Wild Cherry Tomato (I found the partial packet of these leftover from 2019) at the same time, in hopes they’ll be sprouted by the 28th, when I plan start all the other tomato varieties.

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    Re: Grinder's no-till vegetable garden

    Tomato seeds started:
    (full 96 small cells on heat mat)
    (24 cells) Amish Paste Tomato
    (12 cells) Black Cherry Tomato
    (12 cells) Pink Brandywine Tomato
    (12 cells) Raspberry Lyanna Tomato
    (24 cells) San Marzano Heirloom Tomato
    (12 cells) Sweetheart Cherry Tomato

    Seedlings coming along nicely.

    Genovese Basil (08), Lime Aromatic Basil (09), Greek Oregano (GO).



    Tomato seedlings.


    Basil and oregano.

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    Re: Grinder's no-till vegetable garden

    04/07 - 04/10
    Transplanted 90 pepper plants into medium sized pots (5 trays @ 18 cells/tray).


    We're not here for any reason.

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    Re: Grinder's no-till vegetable garden


    Got a few inches of snow last night/this morning!

    We're not here for any reason.

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