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Thread: How much oscope?

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    Re: How much oscope?

    Quote Originally Posted by jtrosky View Post
    - the JL Audio manual says to use 0db test tones for gain setting, but most people seem to say that you should use -5dB tones (some even say -10dB) when setting gains or else you leave a lot of power on the table most of the time. Opinions on both questions?

    Do you listen to music recorded in flac or mp3 ?
    If music is not compressed and has soft passages and very intense passages , then you may end up with headroom for dynamics . JL has rollback if clipping occurs , also if demand for power is not met , the amp also has a protection so it does not fail or even suffer too much.

    For tweets and midrange this would be good . For woofer & subwoofer not as much. Unregulated power supply is my choice as it digs deep when the going gets tough.
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    Re: How much oscope?

    i do -5db 1khz for midbasses, mids, tweets, and rearfill. i'll spot-check with -5db 400hz.

    i do -5db 40hz for subs.

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    Re: How much oscope?

    Quote Originally Posted by jrwalte View Post
    +1 on that^

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