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Thread: Sexual intercorsa...

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    Re: Sexual intercorsa...

    I have also refitted the satori wo24p-4 woofers to the underseat IB mounting locations, the slight loss of sub bass performance is far outweighed by the excellent midbass performance to die for!

    I also cut some 12mm floor pieces to lose the factory carpet to IB location join... now to get some floor mats to suit! The 12mm birch ply pieces are cut to overlap the factory carpet with a chamfer on the lower outside edge for the carpet to tuck into, the inner 210mm cutout is surrounded by a recess that measures 245 and 6mm deep, this then had the drivers mounting holes over drilled slightly to 6mm, i then trimmed it in charcoal carpet to vaguely match the factory floor carpet

    the cables are all techflexed already, I have just made extensions and implemented cable/terminal protection with heatshrinked soldered joints to the drivers terminals, and amass xt60u connectors, I have also fixed the factory seat plug down also with a screw down cable tie fixing, I also provided some extra cable protection in the form of tesa tape where the cable goes up the basket and splits left and right to the terminals which are on opposite sides
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    Re: Sexual intercorsa...

    So I have now made steps to reduce tactile feedback in the drivers seat... a rabbit hutch...

    More accurately a half enclosure made of 18mm birch ply thatís solidly screwed and glued, then covered with matching grey carpet to the midbass baffle plates

    i have also moved the tweeters up so they are literally 1.5cm different to the mids and present as being the same place as the mids to my delicate ears! 🙂
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    Re: Sexual intercorsa...

    I'm dying to know what the difference in imaging that you hear is - firing right on-axis compared to the up-firing in that close location.
    I have half a mind to think that it's going to have a bit of a Walsh-driver effect... omnidirectional driver type effect.
    Those certainly aren't inverted cones like Walsh drivers, but neither are most of the omni drivers I've listened to. And those work really well pretty close to a wall... yours are tucked up close to the sides there.

    I'm wondering if your image is broader and deeper with greater yet more diffused imaging like omni drivers?
    How's it sound?

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    Re: Sexual intercorsa...

    The left is in the corner of the screen, so deeper, and further away, the right is not so deep but still further away than with the 15cm ceramics in the bookshelves, I have them crossed at 150 with a 24db slope and eq’d to that acoustically, then the top end is crossed at 2500 and 2850ish for a 3k acoustical slope with a 24db, both ends being linkwitz riley

    the sound is very similar as the driver being slightly smaller beams higher so it’s playing mainly where it’s omni directional, this means the reflections sound like the direct

    the left has the cleanest phase plot I’ve ever had in a car, the right is not as good, I tried tucking the right under the window further away expecting a little bit of side reflection to widen the stage a touch... it sounded like it was at the driver... so I hastily made another top, recessed the bottom 12mm and put it in its current location, it’s the most focused the mids have been I think, possibly due to the left being so clean perhaps phase wise...

    now to get tweeters where they need to be... this is the fun part... I’ve tried 30 locations and aims so far... always battling reflections to get the tweeters to have the same width as the mids, tweeter locations make me want to cry when trying to perfect technical Emma tracks! They are designed to show up any flaws in a system, and do it quickly and without taking prisoners! But you only get so long listening before your hearing is fried which makes it all the more harder

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    Re: Sexual intercorsa...

    So, next move with the corsa, the front stage is excellent, the under seats are fine for Emma levels with enough 30hz for that purpose

    but for daily with higher levels of enjoyment I am going to be fitting a pair of 12” uranium sqx subs, amps unknown as yet, but ironically maybe a uranium 2.250 sqx that I sold one of a few months back in mint condition

    if I up the crossover on them to approx 60hz and let the subs do the heavy lifting I will have an excellent sq system that goes plenty loud enough for me and also a reference Emma sq setup... plus when I have to move upto master I can then compete in master 5k or master limited so my choices are open!

    in other news I just ordered £140 worth of techflex and heatshrink in orange to continue the orange theme of the car

    if anyone has any connections for alcantara in mango I am all ears that will be my next purchase I think, 2m of mango

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    Re: Sexual intercorsa...

    I'm still very jealous that you've been able to utilize those Satori drivers...I hated to let them go but as I've learned....underseat is not an option for me (much to my chagrin)
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