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    Sexual intercorsa...

    Now Ive got your attention...

    Welcome to my build log of my little euro hatchback, a 2009 Vauxhall Corsa

    basocally I owned a van last year and learnt that sometimes issues are too big to circumvent for SQ competition, I will be doing my first full season of competition in the next year, Iím far from green however as Iíve been involved in car audio for 20+ years in one way or another (including being top 3 in the world in dB drag) I have chosen the corsa from a variety of cars that I could pick from

    so here begins the build log, youíve picked up approx 6 days labour into the job 👍🏼 Pics will follow...

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    Re: Sexual intercorsa...

    Nice , mumbles !

    One similar to this ?
    " I wish I had the money to overpower the piss out of everything . . .

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    Re: Sexual intercorsa...

    Exactly like that, black 1.4 16v SXI

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