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Thread: 16 F150 mild upgrade

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    16 F150 mild upgrade

    Some great info here !

    I just bought a 16 F150 Lariat Supercrew. They bring it up this week to me so dont have it yet...but..2 weeks ago I drove it...heard the Sony “Premium” system...ouch.

    So while waiting for a title issue to resolve...did some research enough to make me dangerous...and bought some mild upgrade gear. Thinking I will do it myself but as I said...Im sloppy working but fussy how it comes out...and may have to have a pro install it...or fix my mess. Im here to learn and love what a forum format brings to so many interests and hobbies.

    Be patient with me. Im a audio rookie for sure. Some dumb questions are likely to follow in the next month. ;-)

    Curious...Anyone here modify a 15-16 Ford / Sony system sub cutting into the existing factory wires ?

    I picked up Hush front and rear door cavity filler panels, plan on some very basic deadening, 2 pair Infinity Kappa’s, Metra silicone dome covers for the speakers, a Lc2i AudioControl, and am purchasing a small powered sub for behind the rear seat back...probably the Sound Ordnance 8”/125w. (maybe a second one if it turns out I need it)

    Dont need huge thump or volume...but better fuller sound...this factory “premium” has zero soul...and Im keeping the truck a while so I had to do something or hate it. Thanks for any install advice !

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    Re: 16 F150 mild upgrade

    Skip the LC2i and get the dayton dsp-408 or a better DSP.

    With the sony sytem you have two options to bypass it
    Pac Amp Pro is the "easiest"

    Or these $15 adapters for the sony amp and some Forscan changes.
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    Re: 16 F150 mild upgrade

    Just reading your thread on F150online. Going to read it a few more times before asking too many crazy questions.

    Thanks so much for the input and F150 ideas ! Appreciated.

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    Re: 16 F150 mild upgrade

    I was using the LC2i just to get the bass levels to the hideaway 125w powered sub from capping verses any major fine tuning of other speakers so Im thinking it is OK if that is all Im looking for from it. ?

    I do think Im going to use the ProAmp harness and add the TOS Link option to try and maintain functions. Great tip !

    That TOS wire will run back to what and where btw ? (16 Supercrew w/Sony)

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    Re: 16 F150 mild upgrade
    Toslink , fiber optic - up to 2 ch sent via light to DSP or amplifier from H.U. with light means less distortion gets through. Audiophile quality !
    " I wish I had the money to overpower the piss out of everything . . .

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