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Thread: phase cancellation ?

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    Re: phase cancellation ?

    Best way to sort out phase is to
    1) Make sure levels between speakers are consistent.

    2) Make sure T/A is set properly using one of the various methods (tape measure is fine)

    3) Make sure there are no obvious phase issues with pairs of speakers (Measure both speakers individually, then together. Any spot where the together speaker responses dips compared to the individual speakers is a phase issue, If they speakers are playing the same level, it should ideally be IIRC 3db louder when combined.)

    4) Use measurement techniques that can show you the phase of the speakers (REW with using sweeps can do this or paid programs like smaart or systune can do it with any audio playing)

    5) Fix as much as you can, not all can be.
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    Re: phase cancellation ?

    Quote Originally Posted by BigAl205 View Post
    nah, use longer speaker wires to slow them down
    Oh jeez, gerald is leaking into this place

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    Re: phase cancellation ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Queef View Post
    I was not asking a question. I cut and pasted what apparently to some is BS. I was attempting to post a little insight into a problem another member seemed to think might have been "cancellation".
    Then why not reply to that member on their thread that way you know they will see it?
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    Re: phase cancellation ?

    I did , explained that his IB for the IDMAX had his sub in the zone !
    No cancellation , just pure sweetness!

    Here may be a reason as to why I said that: I designed my first box on WINISD when I was on Elite Car Audio.
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    Re: phase cancellation ?

    When I play riders on the storm with my 100 watt amp in that enclosure with a 12" MB Quart , you will check the sky.

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