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Thread: *GIVEAWAY* Google Smart Light Kit

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    Re: *GIVEAWAY* Google Smart Light Kit

    You're changing your car bulbs to 120v wifi variety? What kind of inverter would you need?

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    Re: *GIVEAWAY* Google Smart Light Kit

    Quote Originally Posted by BigAl205 View Post
    You're changing your car bulbs to 120v wifi variety? What kind of inverter would you need?
    I think they’re the spammer variety. Spammer branded convertors or something
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    Re: *GIVEAWAY* Google Smart Light Kit

    Quote Originally Posted by CarolMoors View Post
    Thank you for making this promo at our forum, Notloudenuf! I think I'm too late to compete in this giveaway, but I am just wondering if this kit has a color changing light bulb? I am asking because I am thinking of replacing my regular bulbs inside of my car with the smart bulbs, so I will welcome any good suggestions on the color-changing light bulbs at an affordable price. Right now thinking about buying Vontos brand smart wifi bulbs, but I'm not sure if this will be the best option in my case. Thank you for your suggestions in advance!
    There's easy and cheap options in the 12v realm, I'm sure. And not even meant for cars. And meant to integrate with home wifi.

    I stumbled upon them because I have a house full of smart lights, and I bought nine 2'x2' panels for my basement that are dimmable... with a 0-10v DC dimming circuit. That dimming "tech" was actually invented for dimmable florescent back in the day, and somehow stuck around and was adopted by the LED troffer industry (my 2x2 are in a suspended grid ceiling, replacing some florescents).

    Lots of LEDs are 12v inherently, and so there's controllers out there that operate on 12v, because there's commercial LED drivers that are 12v. And home closet and cabinet wiring are 12v.

    For example, you could just cut the ends off this - it's 100% 12v. Power in on one side, and LED hooked up on the load side. These generic ones almost always use Tuya, which is the Smart Life app. It's good but I just use it to connect. Then you fire up Google Home and add it there as an existing Smart Life item - super easy. Or Alexa. Or I'm sure Apple has some garbage but it'll probably cost you money.
    And from that point on, you just say "Hey Google - turn on the [whatever you named it]". Or if you find a dimmable one you can say "Hey Google - set [name] to 60 percent".

    If you really want to get fancy, you can do what I did and set up Home Assistant on something running Linux. I have this little guy - just a Raspberry Pi with a 3.5" touchscreen because my fiancee kept complaining that she didn't have physical controls for the lights. It's actually the server, and also has a container acting as a client to run the screen and menus. I set up some Home Assistant menus to control everything from the lighting to the security cameras to the climate control - none of them expensive or fancy.

    I think if you did that in a car, it would be slick.

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