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Thread: Phoenix Arizona Area Meetups

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    Phoenix Arizona Area Meetups

    We had this thread over on the other site so figured it should be transferred here.

    Tomorrow October 19, 2019
    Justin Zazzi and I (Doug Dobson will also be there) are going to the cars and coffee event at 8:30 am. It lasts until 10pm. We are going to grab lunch/coffee close by once we are done looking at all of the pretty cars.

    Address is
    1090 W. Queen Creek Rd
    Chandler, AZ 85248

    Side note: For anyone from Phoenix, Justin and I are trying to get a same time same place monthly meetup for all of us sound quality friends. Example: Second Wednesday of the month at some restaurant at 6pm.
    What day works best for you? Weekend or weekday is good.
    I know I can't do Tuesday or Thursday because I teach college classes those nights.

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    Re: Phoenix Arizona Area Meetups

    Oh my gods that food was amazing.

    Nice to meet you Azguy38. We look forward to helping with your car! And thank you for volunteering your air-conditioned garage for us all to work in too. That was really nice of you!
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    Do it for them.

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    Re: Phoenix Arizona Area Meetups

    I don't know how I keep missing these messages.
    Yea, thank you for inviting me. It was a good time hanging out. Look forward to the next one for sure. Can't wait to finish up that Sierra install.

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    Re: Phoenix Arizona Area Meetups

    It was really great to meet everyone

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    Re: Phoenix Arizona Area Meetups

    Quote Originally Posted by Azguy38 View Post
    It was really great to meet everyone
    Shawn, it was great meeting you too! Let's hope we can get a few more out there with us next month!!

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