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Thread: Jumping on the 3D printer bandwagon

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    Re: Jumping on the 3D printer bandwagon

    Alright - I've got a ton going on here and seems like each thing is in the way of each other thing thing on...

    Adopted a rescue dog from a puppy mill last week - who's never been out of a cage (lots of work but rewarding)...
    Started ripping prepping my house for siding (damn DIY gene)...
    Chased down some alternatives to buying my car lease - but none panned out and I love this car so I'm keeping it. Gateway to starting my system...
    Finished the rear Integra swap on my '95 Civic... Have to do an install there...
    Helped a buddy with a full interior-out install today...
    Need to install my house wired security camera system to get rid of my Arlo...
    Have to get back to my Raspberry Pi car camera switcher project one of these days...
    And I wish that was the end of the list.
    Thank God I don't have kids.

    But also - I found a place for this 3D printer.
    I assembled it.
    Fits over my computer armoire in my basement - or at least it does after I swapped the filament holders to the front and mounted the extruders vertically... and modified the drop ceiling with a fancy panel for clearance.

    I ran it through the full X, Y and Z motion and got cable ties in the right places - but haven't printed a test print yet.

    Coming soon...

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    Re: Jumping on the 3D printer bandwagon

    The biggest challenge you will face is getting the first layer dialed in. Keep a flashlight and maybe magnifying glass handy. You want that first layer to slightly squash down, not just sit on top, or else it won't stick down.

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    Re: Jumping on the 3D printer bandwagon

    Fortunately/unfortunately I ordered the glass "super bed" and auto-leveling options... But although the printer shipped from California, those options ship separate from China.

    So I'll start with that leveling and nozzle distance manual adjustment. Definitely want to understand all the manual adjustments!

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    Re: Jumping on the 3D printer bandwagon

    Another 2 more phone stands. I must have so many variations of this thing everywhere on different desks, tables and counters lol.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Jumping on the 3D printer bandwagon

    I believe most of the new 3D functions within SolidWorks 2016 as for scaling and reorienting your part for printing and I'm not entirely sure but I believe if you have a supported printer you can send your STL direct to it. That being said all of the functionality is also available in the post processing printing software so not much has changed. I would think that it will be in future SolidWorks releases though so at least it's a start.

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