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Thread: I think I messed up bad .

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    I think I messed up bad .

    Need help .I installed a kenwood Kac m1804 .digital amp on my motercycle. Every thing worked great. Until I accidentally touched 2 off the speaker wires together.heard a pop. Now everytime it blows fuse on bike .The fuse in the amp didn't blow which I thought it was there for. I am certain problem is in the amp.Did not think speaker wires could ruin an amp . Advice please . Tks in advance.

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    Re: I think I messed up bad .

    The fuse on the amp is probably a slightly higher amperage than the bike's fuse, which is why the bike's fuse keeps popping, being the weakest link and all. There is no telling what internal damage there might be without opening it up and doing some testing, but it might be cheaper to replace it than repair.

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