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Thread: Speaker and amplifier issues

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    Speaker and amplifier issues

    Really need assistance...been out of the stereo game for awhile. I got a new Pioneer deck for my car and hooked it up like the instructions explained via the wiring harness and rca's that have been connected and never removed to both amps I have. So when I turned the car on to see if everything was operating correctly the music played for about 30 seconds then suddenly everything went out with an amp error coming onto the deck's screen. I took the rca's out and I was getting sound from the front/door speakers only which makes sense since I don't have them wired to the amplifier, just to the deck. However, when I hooked the rca's back up to the the amp running the rear speakers my front speakers have no sound coming from them. After 30 seconds the music stopped again and I got the same error message. I opted to disconnect the amp running the rear speakers and just connect the rca's running to the subwoofer amp and the same thing occurred.
    A) why would my front speakers stop working when the amp is connected?
    B) how do I get my amps to stay on without cutting out?

    Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Re: Speaker and amplifier issues

    I had this happen one time with a Pioneer headunit. Same "amp error" message. Turned out I had pinched one of the speaker wires on the harness and it was shorting out in the mounting cage. I'll bet dollars to donuts you have insulation ate up and wire exposed touching metal somewhere. It's easy to do with things being so tight in there.
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    Re: Speaker and amplifier issues

    Welcome to the forum! I’m sure these guys will get you up and running in short order. Lots of knowledgeable people in here!
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    Re: Speaker and amplifier issues

    Hi Roostertail12,

    signal path issue ? [ maybe the signal is transferring from line level output , HU IC chip to speakers, to low level output , RCA's to amplifiers ]

    in other words you may only be able to send signal down RCAs or down speaker wires [ but not both simultaneously ]
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