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    Shout out to Andy Wehmeyer and Audiofrog. I had a missing gasket from a GB25 mid. Messaged Audiofrog, USPS stamp showed same day mailed. Asked a question on Audiofrog website about aiming front stage speakers. Bam! Next day, answered. Very impressive customer service! Oh by the way, this was all taken care of by the President of the company, not a call center or warehouse employee.

    Ive had HAT Legatia SE's, Brax, Illusion, SI, and some other mid-hi level speakers flow through my hands as I've bought, sold, and traded my way into my current system, and I believe this is the company I will stick with, based solely on their customer service! I don't think I will be shortchanging myself any on sound, quality, or even resale, should they introduce a higher line that I might have to try.

    I know my lack of knowledge in car audio doesn't carry much weight amongst the veterans here, but I have dealt with tons of people and companies, and this is a top tier, high class business.

    Bobby K.
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    Re: Audiofrog

    It's obvious Andy really does care about his customers. I'm sure I'll end of with some Frogs in my ride before it's all said and done.
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    Re: Audiofrog

    Thanks for this detailed information!

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    Re: Audiofrog

    When I somehow damaged one of my recently-installed C3CX speakers (even though I was using it well within it's manufacturer-supplied specs/recommendations for power/crossover points, etc. I *tried* reaching out to Illusion Audio for repair or replacement. The customer service email address on the Illusion Audio website didn't even work! So I reached out to their parent company, ORCA. Never heard back from them at all.

    So while trying to decide on a replacement dash speaker, I saw others talking about the GS25 wideband speakers. I reached out to Audiofrog via email to get their opinion of whether it would be good a good fir for my usage - and almost instantly received a response saying that their customers have reported that the GS25 wideband works well in a tweeter-less setup, with stock dash locations.

    I ordered the GS25 speakers from Crutchfield (another huge plus - can order them from Crutchfield!) - received them the very next day and installed them a few days later. I have been VERY happy with them. I think I like them even better than the C3CX speakers, which are quite expensive (~$700). The GS25's were like $230 from Crutchfield.

    So yeah, I've been impressed with Audiofrog - both from a customer service standpoint and a product standpoint.

    Just my two cents. :-)

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    Re: Audiofrog

    GB15, GB60, GB12 D2 x2 in one car. GB10, GB25, in another car, and GB10, GB25 waiting for installation on the shelf. That’s how much I like these drivers and Andy is awesome.
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