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Thread: tRidiot - Awesome guy

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    tRidiot - Awesome guy

    While this was not technically a classifieds deal, I think this deserves some recognition.... A few of you may have seen my post about a blown mid-bass, during the discussion on replacements the subject of my mids came up. At which point tRidiot mentions he has a pair of CDT ES04 that I can have if I want them. I sent him a PM offering to pay for shipping, which he said was not needed. Today I get home to find a box in the garage, open it up to find a pair of CDT ES04, packaged really carefully, with a shipping charge of almost $20.

    I just wanted to publicly thank him, for not only giving me a pair of speakers free, eating the shipping charge, but also the time he would have spent packaging these to get to me safely, taking them to the post office etc.

    Now to see if I can relocate enough wires to get these to fit!!

    Thanks again Danny / tRidiot. I owe you a beer if you are ever in the area.
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    Re: tRidiot - Awesome guy

    Hell yeah, cheers to the doc, obviously a helluva guy!

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    Re: tRidiot - Awesome guy

    Danny is a good dude for sure. Luckily we have many good dudes and dudettes on this forum.

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