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Thread: What's your setup.

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    Re: What's your setup.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fernpatch View Post
    Currently using a 15 year old Yamaha home theater in a box.

    Recently acquired a older Marantz 7.1 receiver to use as a starting point to build something better.

    in process of researching speakers while I try and save for something nice. debating on if I want to buy or build as DIY sound group has some interesting looking kits.
    The mtm kit with the Anarchy 7" woofers looks interesting but it looks like you'd need a hefty standalone amp to run them to potential. Just the tm kit might be good with a standard receiver or the kit using the sb29 tweeter. The high efficiency concentric style speakers they offer had my attention for a bit but not sure how they would sound for a true "reference" speaker. For dedicated ht with occasional music listening I bet they have crazy dynamics being so efficient.
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    Re: What's your setup.

    What I really want is a set of elusive 1099's for my LCR and a either volt 8's or ht8's for the sides and rears. I am also leaning towards using a dayton ultimax 18 in a knockdown cabinet and a SPA plate amp for a sub. Should be able to pull it off for around $3500 which is much less than a set of top end polks or klipsch's that I was thinking about.

    Gotta keep saving no matter what as the remodel I am doing has wrecked my budget. after I get done fixing the place up and get moved in I can start planning how to make my dream system fit and most importantly start working on getting the little miss to be on board with the living room being taken over by a full blown theater system.

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    Re: What's your setup.

    Here's my current setup in our new (to us) house...

    Preamp | Amplifiers: Schiit Freya + | Schiit Mani | Schiit Aegir x 2
    Analog Sources:
    Music Hall MMF-7.3 w/ Ortofon 2M Bronze
    DAC | Digital Sources:
    Schiit Bifrost 2 Multibit | Raspberry Pi 4 | Wyred 4 Sound Recovery
    GR Research X-Statik | Polk Audio PSW505 x 2
    Power Conditioning:
    Blue Circle Audio | APC
    Audioquest | Wireworld | Pangea Audio | Mojo Audio

    2001 Lexus LS430
    Pioneer DMH-2660NEX | Pioneer GM D1004 | Helix DSP.2 | Rockford Fosgate Power T400X4ad | Morel TiW 634Nd | Audison Prima AP1 | Dayton Audio Ultimax UM8-22

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    Re: What's your setup.

    Preamp - Mark Levinson No. 326s
    Disk spinner - Esoteric DV-50
    Streamer - Lumin U1 Mini
    DAC - Ayre QB-9 Twenty
    USB Cable - Audioquest Diamond
    Speakers - Aerial 10T
    Speaker Cables - AQ Meteor
    Amps - Parasound JC1 Mono's
    Interconnects - Audioquest Colorado XLR
    Sub - JL F112 V2

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    Re: What's your setup.

    A mix of stuff.....

    JVC NX7 projector, Screen Innovations 120"
    Magico A3 and matching center channel
    Kef LS50 Meta for wide channels in Atmos
    Reel to Reel (looking for a way to install in my car)
    2 Rel SX212 subs(not pictured)
    Rel T7i for center sub
    Rel HT1508 for rear sub
    Gryphon Diablo 300 integrated amp
    Marantz AV8805 plus 5 channel amp and 7 channel Audio Control Amp
    Lumin T2 streamer
    Denafrips Terminator DAC
    Bergman Magne Turntable
    Aretesania Audio stand
    pARTicular stands
    Martin Logan in ceiling x 4 for Atmos height
    Kef T301 for rear
    Magnepan for surrounds
    plus a few tweaks....

    Click image for larger version. 

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