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Thread: (5) BNIB AuraSound NS18-992-4A 18" Subwoofers

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    (5) BNIB AuraSound NS18-992-4A 18" Subwoofers


    AuraSound NS18-992-4A 18" Subwoofer

    Here's the writeup on PE:
    "Output, fidelity, and extensionů Usually you have to sacrifice one in order to improve the other two. The 4 ohm 18" NS18-992-4A from AuraSound is one of the few drivers that can do it all.

    AuraSound has designed the NS18-992-4A from the motor up. They started by combining a massive version of the patented Neo-Radial Technology (NRT) motor with an underhung 4" diameter high temperature voice coil to give this driver a particularly long stroke. Then, they mated the coil to an extremely rigid aluminum cone for minimum distortion. For suspension, this driver uses an injection molded rubber surround and dual opposed spiders to keep the cone and voice coil linear up to 3" of peak-to-peak mechanical excursion. To hold it all together AuraSound has developed a cast aluminum frame, which is remarkably solid while allowing maximum airflow for the back side of the cone and ample ventilation to keep the voice coil cool.

    For moving excessive amounts of air while maintaining a hi-fidelity sound it will be hard, maybe impossible, to beat the AuraSound NS18-992-4A 18".


    I ordered these as part of a Group Buy on Tech-Talk where some fellas said they'd be in for a pair each. I ordered a fifth for myself. The next day they said they didn't want them... and since I should have waited for them to send payment, I chalk this up as a lesson learned and here I am...


    Brand new in box (except for the one I took pictures of).


    MSRP is $790/each.

    If you can pay as PayPal "gift", I can sell each for $625 shipped and $10 of each sold here will go toward a donation for this forum.
    Worth noting I'm asking $645 on DIYMA. This is a CAJ price only kind of deal.


    PM or email at hardisj(at)gmail(dot)com.


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    Re: (5) BNIB AuraSound NS18-992-4A 18" Subwoofers

    "Pushy" has a completely different definition when Sean Connery says it.

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    Re: (5) BNIB AuraSound NS18-992-4A 18" Subwoofers

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    Re: (5) BNIB AuraSound NS18-992-4A 18" Subwoofers

    If anyone can meet up in person or has a UPS account and wants to cover shipping themselves, I'd do $580+shipping (cash or paypal gift).

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    Re: (5) BNIB AuraSound NS18-992-4A 18" Subwoofers

    I see its a old post any chances you still have them ???

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