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Thread: Group Buy: SB Acoustics Satori 6" MW16P-8

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    Group Buy: SB Acoustics Satori 6" MW16P-8


    After some prodding from folks who missed out on the 4 ohm Satori GB here, I'm working to set up a Group Buy on the SB Acoustics 6" Satori Driver in 8 ohm. Please read everything below as I've tried to spell this out as clearly as I can so there is no gray area.

    Here are the driver details...

    I need to order a minimum 20 of the same drivers (10 pair) to get the GB pricing.


    MSRP is $176+shipping each. Typically about $352 shipped/pair.

    GB price: $140/each, CONUS.

    End Date:

    The GB will end midnight CST, 05/31/15. If the minimum order hasn't been met, we can decide as a group if we want to push forward or just cut bait.


    Assuming the Minimum Quantity has been ordered, I'll post updates as I go regarding shipment. It may be as late as the first of June before everything ships, depending on my work/travel schedule. If you can't wait, then the GB isn't for you. I'll do my best to get them out quickly, though.

    Payment Info:

    You can pay in advance (once we have met the minimum order qty) or when the GB closes.

    Payment will be expected no later than midnight CST, 05/31/15.

    Payment will need to be sent as 'gift'. If you're uncomfortable with that, then add $7 to cover the PP fee.


    If you're wanting to get in on this put your Name and Quantity below. Make sure to keep an eye on this thread for updates.

    Name - Quantity (# of Drivers)
    KennyK - 2 Drivers


    If you have any specific questions, please post them up here. Keep in mind that I'm doing this in my spare time so delays may happen. I'll do my best to get these out quickly but I'm not going to set any particular hard ship dates just in case I run in to any issues.

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    Re: Group Buy: SB Acoustics Satori 6" MW16P-8

    Alright, everyone...
    The speakers are on their way to me via FedEx. I should see them all this weekend.

    This means it's time to send payment for those of you who want in.

    In order to do so, please send me an e-mail to with the following information:
    Subject: "Payment info for Satori 8ohm GB"
    Body: Include your shipping address AND your screen name AND real name so I can easily track you down between PM's, etc.

    Once I receive an email, I'll send you my paypal address to which you will need to send $280 for each pair of mids via paypal gift (if you don't feel comforatable sending it as 'gift' please add $11 to cover PP fees on my end.

    As I receive payment, I'll mark your name as paid below.

    Name - Quantity (# of Pairs) - Paid (Yes/No)

    KennyK - 2 Drivers
    George (CVjoint) - 2 Drivers
    Mordikai - 2 Drivers
    1fishman - 2 Drivers
    audioanarchist - 2 Drivers
    Blu - 2 Drivers

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