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Thread: Dust Collection: Review of the Keen Dust Router

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    Post Dust Collection: Review of the Keen Dust Router

    I may be a rookie user of the router table, but I'm quickly learning how big of an issue dust collection can be. When routing wood and MDF especially, you create a massive amount of saw dust the becomes unruly if it's not contained and collected. In fact, it's also hazardous to your health. There are many different methods for dust collection when using a router the most common of which are vacuum systems with hoses connected to a router fence.

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    Unfortunately for the average car audio fabricator, a fence is very rarely used, so that method is unavailable for us. The next method which is very popular is a box or enclosure that surrounds the router and attaches to the underside of the table. These boxes then have a port installed off the bottom or side and the vacuum system is connected to it to provide some suction surrounding the router and around the router bit plate opening. With enough power, these appear to be very effective as well.

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    One drawback to this method however, is that the router motor is enclosed in the box. This allows the motor to be exposed to the dust constantly, and also builds up heat in the box during longer routing operations, which can lead to premature motor failure.

    Keen has a rather unique method of dust collection which seems to solve both of these problems. Their Dust Router unit is made of flexible silicone and is designed to be installed between the router and the table. The unit is cupped to provide a seal to the underside of the table, while allowing the router collet and bit to pass through and up through the table safely. This method in theory should work outstanding, since it is providing maximum suction right at the bit and preventing dust from entering the motor.

    Video demonstrating the use:

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    As you can see from my latest picture, routing without dust collection is a messy business.

    I recently ordered a Keen Dust Router and will be installing it shortly to see just how practical/effective it actually is when put to use in our application. Stay tuned for some results.

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    Re: Dust Collection: Review of the Keen Dust Router

    Have you used that Keen one? Seems like a good idea, just wonder if it gets in the way... Im sure you have seen my dust collecting video?

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