• Fighting fire with...sound

    Some engineering students at George Mason University have come up with a way to fight fires using sound

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    1. chithead's Avatar
      chithead -
      Is that not awesome?!?! Very cool!
    1. astrochex's Avatar
      astrochex -
      Imagine the audio systems on the next generation of fire engines!
    1. subwoofery's Avatar
      subwoofery -
      Stranger: "OMG THERE'S A FIRE"
      (far away sound): toof... toOF... TOOF!!!!!
      Stranger: "NO FIRE FIGHTER YET???"
      Me: "Move away... I'm an SPL world record holder"
      Stranger: "A WHAT???"
      Me: "Just watch"
      Me: "See? No more fire"
      Stranger: "looks like there's no building anymore either..."

    1. chad's Avatar
      chad -
      If it were a funky pup it could put out the sun.
    1. billfisher's Avatar
      billfisher -
      Super, it's just a bomb!
      Super, it's just a bomb!
    1. ngarry243's Avatar
      ngarry243 -
      You can put out any fire that way
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