next up.

Tactile transducers, AKA Bass Shakers. I have used them live TONS on drum thrones for monitoring and they are goddamn amazing. But, there is a ton of low end already floating around on the stage form backline amps, sub creep, etc. Anyone use them in a car? What if I did a sub in the stock placement and tossed a set of these in the mix? Not looking to be heard outside, looking to retain the car, most importantly my pass through.

14 years of owning a hatch and dreaming of doing a real IB install and I bought this shitbird with no space and need the pass thru to transport longer rifles.

And again, as always, I'm keeping my spare tire.

Probably should, at some point, see what it takes to light the car up. JL makes a sealthbox but I'm not paying 600+ bucks for a box and sub.