I'm still new around here and my truck has been an ongoing build since the day I got it. But I finally achieved a milestone this weekend by fitting my 10w7s back in my daily driver in a ported box under the rear seats so I had to share. I've had the design planned and everything modeled for months, but going to Paradiso later this week finally kicked my ass into high gear on the build. I knew there was going to next to non as far as wiggle room was concerned for where the drivers and magnets would fit and the port as well was only going to work in its exact location. Luckily everything came out as planned, with legitimately a sliver of space between the W7 baskets and the top of the box. Doubling up the baffle was completely necessary for the fit.

My goal was 2.8 cubic ft, and I landed somewhere right around 2.75-2.85 tuned to 31hz. A little smaller than JL's spec ported box but it models just fine and in my opinion the lower tune being superior especially with the wide range of music I listen to. I did listen to JLs spec ported boxes tuned to 35hz in my truck for a while so I did have a direct comparison.

I used a 6" port with one end flared, 23.5" long which was a beast, the cutout was damn near the same size as the sub's. From the driver's seat the port is dead silent, I hear nothing unless I walk around back and stick my head next to it.

The subs are running off a JL HD 1200/1 with subsonic filter at 21hz 12db curve. Haven't landed on where I'm going to leave the low pass yet.

I've installed a 2.5" rear seat lift kit so this is not a stock fitting scenario.
I still need to make it pretty looking.
Also need to come up what I'm going to do for a grille to protect the woofers still.
I know I forgot to take pictures of the fit in the truck, I get too excited once they start making music.

Having trouble adding the photos so here's a link: