if you "hobby" the chances are you're exposed and not safe, but it's the question of how big, how much, how accessible and all that.

factory alarms are useful, since I don't believe the crooks target the systems anymore, they are more likely to try to take home the whole enchilada.

I don't know if I'm just lucky or what but keeping the factory stereo and using bluetooth off a phone source, takes everything out except the trunk contents, and hidden drivers.

no more CD cases, music is basically free and even then, if it's in a stream, or stuck on a cloud or in a drive, all you're left with in a smash and grab is some a-pillar tweets and a rough time in the boot, it's the industry changes that make smash and grabs a low value/high risk venture now.

I haven't heard of anyone losing equipment in the last 5 years, I guess.

then again, youth today are putting off driving, owning cars, and needing the equipment that goes in, smart phone takes care of it all, you can call your uber service, pay a reasonable fee, listen to your phone on ear buds, good enough with pirated mp3's.

we come from a more materialistic generation, the kids today don't seem to mind or care all that much about competing for anything, and after a system goes past a 2 way front and sub, you're in a margin.